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Cat after Castration and Use of EnteroZOO

I have been using EnteroZOO for diarrhoea in animals for years; now, I have used it for detoxification after an operation – castration – in a cat. The day after the operation, the cat looked very poorly – wouldn’t move, wouldn’t eat, she was very cold. We diluted EnteroZOO with water and put it in her mouth, then repeated the process after half an hour. Within two hours, her condition improved enormously, and she started to eat a bit. Enterozoo eliminates residual anaesthetics and supports recovery. I think she would have died without EnteroZOO. I recommend it in all surgeries, even as prevention, a few days before. We have also successfully tried putting it on a reddish scar. A super product – thank you for Enterozoo. K


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