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Poisoning in a Dog

Our retriever ate a poisoned bait near our house. We immediately gave him EnteroZOO diluted with water into his mouth; as our vet later told

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EnteroZOO Experience

Let me share my experience concerning EnteroZOO. We have a 10-year old bitch called Neli. She is a cross-bred, probably chihuahua + dachshund. She has

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Ibuprofen Poisoning

I would like to share my experience with the Enterozoo gel. A 25kg bracco, two years old, accidentally gained access to a pack of ibuprofen,

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It Really Works

This product saved our Prague ratter bitch who had blood in her stool and was vomiting. Unfortunately, a vet only knows how to give antibiotics

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EnteroZOO Works

I have had very positive experience with EnteroZOO in dogs. It works for diarrhoea. It has been also useful in skin conditions. We keep it

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