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Do you have any questions about how to use EnteroZOO in a specific species, or for a specific health condition? Do not hesitate to contact us; we will answer as soon as possible. Before asking a question, please use the filter to see whether the same question has already been answered.

Hello, my dachshund takes Medrol on a long-term basis and her tummy is swollen as a result. I give her prebiotics and probiotics contained in grain-free dry dog food, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Yesterday, she vomited and had diarrhoea, it was bright yellow. I gave her some of your gel and immediately she got better! It’s a wonderful product, we always keep it ready. Is it advisable to administer the product in the long term? At what doses? She weighs 10 kg. Thank you, Šindelářová

Hello, thank you for your question; we are happy than EnteroZOO helps your pet. You can use it every day, at first 1 teaspoon 2-3x per day; after about two weeks, you can reduce the dose to once per day, adding the product to her food. However, a 2-hour interval is recommended after or before other medication (Medrol) and probiotics, if any. In case of symptoms, you may double the dose or administer the product up to 6x per day.

Hello, we have a 10-year old bitch named Jackie who has been diagnosed with cancer. She recently completed her third chemotherapy. She vomits often. Friends have recommended your product. I would like to know whether the product could possibly alleviate her problems?? Or, can the product be administered during chemotherapy?? Thank you in advance for your advice. Have a nice day. Andrea Růžičková

Hello. Yes, EnteroZOO can be used even in dogs with cancer and also during chemotherapy, as chemotherapy is generally intravenous. EnteroZOO captures not only toxins, but also unused drug residues from intestines – and as a result, from the body as a whole, thus making the animal much better. We cross our fingers for you!

Hello, I would like to know whether EnteroZOO can be given also to reptiles, specifically, land turtles? Thank you.

Hello. Yes, EnteroZOO can be also administered to turtles, the dose to be adjusted according your animal’s weight.

Hello. Can I give the product to a kitty that has been poisoned and has been fighting for her life for more than a week? She keeps lying down and is not getting better. Thank you.

Hello, certainly, give EnteroZOO to your cat. If she refuses food and therefore cannot take the product this way, dilute it with some water and pour it into her mouth with a syringe. EnteroZOO will capture toxins and her condition should considerably improve. Give her the product 3x per day, at least for a week. We cross our fingers for you!

I have a bitch who gave birth to puppies a few weeks ago, and she has diarrhoea. I changed her food to another brand for nursing females, but there has been no significant change. Can you help me? Thank you.

Hello, you can certainly give EnteroZOO to your bitch, and if necessary even to the puppies. EnteroZOO can destroy not only bacteria, but also viruses. You will find dosage details on our web enterozoo.eu or in the package leaflet. EnteroZOO is not absorbed, so there is no risk of overdose.

Hello, besides its detoxifying effect, does EnteroZOO thicken the stool? Can the drug be used as first choice medication in diarrhoea, instead of carbo medicinalis, Attapectin, or Smecta?

Hello, yes, in cases of acute diarrhoea or poisoning, EnteroZOO is a first-choice medication. Its effect on acute diarrhoea is speedy: in most cases, stool becomes normal again within a few hours. The product does not absorb water – it is hydrophobic, so it can be used on a long-term basis, without causing additional dehydration. It also regenerates intestinal villi and reduces their inflammation.

Hello, can your product be used in case my dog has swallowed rat poison? A 4kg dog. Thank you very much, Petra Janovská

Hello, certainly, EnteroZOO can adsorb various poisons. However, it must be administered as soon as possible. In case of serious poisoning, administer the product as follows: First dose – three times the normal dose, then a normal dose every hour during 24 hours. Administer for 5 days. EnteroZOO is also manufactured in mono-dose sachets intended specifically for poisoning, so that owners can have them on hand for urgent cases. We cross our fingers for you!

Hello, I have a cockatiel with chronic diarrhoea. Can I give her the product, and how? Thank you in advance for your advice.

EnteroZOO can also be used in birds, including exotic ones. It can be used for diarrhoea or in case of suspected food poisoning, including mould contamination of food. The best route of administration in birds is dissolving EnteroZOO in drinking water – about 1 teaspoon per 100 mL drinking water. Prepare new solution every day. The product will easily dissolve in water. An improvement should be observed as early as after the first day of administration.

Hello. Can the product be also used in rodents, and what should the dosage be?

Hello. Yes, EnteroZoo can also be administered to rodents, dissolved in water or applied directly into the mouth; dose is according to the animal’s weight, about 1/4 teaspoon

Hello, I would like to know whether EnteroZOO is suitable for administration to a 8-year old dog diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

Clinical studies have established positive effects of EnteroZOO in Crohn’s disease. The recommended dosage is one weight-dependent dose 3x per day until the animal’s condition improves; then reduced to 1x per day. In this kind of chronic disease, the product may be used on an everyday basis, over an unlimited period of time.

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