EnteroZOO will make your pet fit again.

EnteroZOO for Dogs and Puppies

Dogs are not only very popular pets but also very curious ones, which makes them the most frequent EnteroZOO users.

Enterozoo can be used in case of poisoning, diarrhoea and vomiting, allergies, after inoculations, deworming and surgeries as all of the above disrupts gut microbiome and damages intestinal lining.

Enterozoo can assist in wound healing and other skint conditions, such as itchy skin or dermatitis as it is often the result of poor gut health.

Because Enterozoo is 100% additives- and clay-free it makes it completely safe for newborns and pregnant/feeding animals.

Enterozoo is a tasteless gel with no smell which makes it very easy to administer – it can be mixed with water or food or given as is with a spoon or syringe.

EnteroZOO for Dogs and Puppies - Dosage:

In case of poisoning administer a double dose of EnteroZOO and seek veterinary attention as soon  as possible.

EnteroZOO starts to adsorb toxins as soon as it enters the GI tract and evacuates them in a 7-12 hr period without the risk of reabsorption.

EnteroZOO cannot be overdosed and is completely harmless to the body.

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