EnteroZOO will make your pet fit again.

How It Works, Composition

EnteroZOO works as an “intelligent” sponge which pores been molecularly engineered to attract the molecules of the certain size such as bacterial and viral pathogens.

EnteroZoo is based on processed organic mineral and is 100% additives and clay free.

Composition:  polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate 60%, purified water 40%.

Alleviates the symptoms of poisoning, diarrhoea, and allergy

Reduces adverse effects of antibiotic treatment

Accelerates wound healing

Improves the animal's fitness and resistance

Due to its high adsorption properties, EnteroZOO binds the toxins of various origin; stops vomiting and diarrhoea eliminating the cause of it and heals intestinal lining in the process.

Eliminating the pathogens encourages the growth of healthy intestinal flora and restores the animal’s immunity which resides in the gut.

Ease of administration and non-toxic formula with no side effects* makes Enterozoo a preferred choice of pet parents in Europe.

EnteroZOO can be used in the following conditions (ideally, after consulting your veterinary surgeon):

In case of any questions concerning the use or dosage of EnteroZOO,
do not hesitate to ask your veterinary surgeon.

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