EnteroZOO will make your pet fit again.

Thanks for EnteroZOO

Hello. I would like to share my experience with everybody who have pets and sometimes find themselves in a tight spot. I was in such a situation when my tomcat came back from an “outing” one morning. He had wounds everywhere, his eye was swollen, and he was limping on a fore paw. I don’t know how, but I remembered an advertising message I had seen at an international contest organized by a Mělník cynology club.

The gist was that ENTEROZOO should bring your pet back to life. After a long search, I found some in a pharmacy. I was surprised to see, after only a few days, his infected wounds heal, and the swellings disappear; Filip ceased to limp and enjoyed life again. He is now a cat playboy again.

I decided to share this with all pet owners as a result of another story. Recently, at our cottage, I heard kittens crying in the barn. Their mother had left and abandoned them to their fate. I was appalled when I found them. The poor things were hungry, huddling together, and you could see by their surroundings that they had diarrhoea. Killing them would have been a crime; so I took them in. I prepared a bed for them in a box, to make them feel safe; and I added some ENTEROZOO to yoghurt and other food for them. The wonderful thing is that the product does not smell of any medicine or additive.  Simply ideal. The kittens even licked gel residues from my fingers. As had been the case with Filip, the triplets were well again after a few days. The poor things don’t know that it is thanks to a miraculous medication that they can enjoy life. But I know it, and I thank you.

Jana Dušková,  Mělník

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