The 5 W’s of a Winning Website

by Mad Happy Creator

14 Dec 2021

So you have a killer business idea or perhaps you have an amazing product that you want to market online but not sure where to start? Having a website is one of the most affordable marketing tools you can invest in. Here are some things to think about.

Who? What? When? Where? Why?


Who is your ideal target audience? Is it local people in your area that you are wanting to attract or businesses that need your products or services?


What can your ideal visitor achieve from your website? Gather information, purchase a physical or digital product, sign up for an online course? Different websites have different goals!


When are your visitors coming to your website? Do you have a steady flow of visitors or do they only come once you send that email blast or use another online marketing strategy?


Where are your visitors coming from and how did they find your website? Did they come across a social media post or did they find you on Google? With a strong marketing plan in place your visitors will be able to find you on all platforms. 


Your website should be developed with the end user in mind. You need to offer first time visitors a pleasant experience and make it easy for them to navigate and move around your site. You essentially want to convert them from a visitor into a customer or client and make sure they come back and visit your site again. Your audience is looking to you as a reliable source of information and good overall user experience.

The how!!!

Are you needing some help with your website and getting it right?
I am a visual communication specialist and a creator of all things design and development.
With over 15 years of experience I am committed to helping you and your business with the following:

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