Where it all began

by Mad Happy Creator

13 Dec 2021

Now I have always been involved in design and development and I have worked for various agencies in the past. When Covid 19 first happened life didn't really change much. I was working for an agency at the time and I was extremely busy during those first few months.

After a few more months had passed and my workload started to slow down significantly I soon realised that I was going to start feeling the effects from the virus. 

As time went on and I had very little work to do and there was the chatter that someone was getting retrenched things became very real. I was on the chopping block and it was probably one of the worst experiences of my life. Going through a retrenchment during a deadly pandemic really got me down. I had high anxiety, was super stressed and also was trying to deal with depression. I spent months job hunting with no success. 

I remember being really down one day with the weight of the world on my shoulders! At the time my son was painting a project for school and once he was done he wiped the access paint off onto some paper. He painted the quickest little smiley face and I stood back and looked at this and it put a smile on my face. For that moment all my stress was gone. That smiley face sparked something inside of me get back behind my Mac and start creating and developing again. I wasn’t going to let the situation get the better of me. 

I see that smiley face as a reminder to always be happy, one of the reasons it is a part of my  logo. But why just be happy when you can be mad happy and thats when Mad Happy Media was created. 

I started Mad Happy Media in April 2021 and I have no plans of stopping or slowing down. I will always be a creator of all things design and development. 

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To create graphics and functional websites that not only look amazing but help my clients achieve their goals.

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My main objective is to never stop learning and always provide my clients with agency quality work at an affordable rate.


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